Winterschool 2008

SchülerInnen der sechsten Klassen schildern ihren Eindruck von der diesjährigen Winterschool, die von unserer Schule gemeinsam mit der englischen Organisation Stafford House gestaltet wurde.

Beitrag 1 (Christoph Wieser, 6a)
The classes of the 6th form enjoyed the first week after the half term holiday very much. From the 18th to the 22nd February, Native speakers were talking with them for a whole week, only in English. Every day they had four lessons studying and discussing the UK, family, magazines and much more. During the fifth lesson they were able to be creative. Students had to think about a project they would like to present. So in one of three groups there were students who created magazines and showed PowerPoint presentations about „the Beatles“ and a self created computer game. During the sixth lesson they prepared funny sketches to present to their parents and friends on Friday afternoon. Julia, a 16 year-old girl, said about this week: „We improved our English without realizing it.“ Peter, a technical freak, told us: „It was the best week in this school year!“ Matthias, a „newcomer“, spoke about „English in Action“ to me: „It’s much better than normal lessons.“

Beitrag 2 (Lisa Holzinger, 6a)
This week was very interesting. The first lesson with the new teachers was a bit difficult, because they speak so much and fast, but after some time it was quite interesting, because we could understand everything. On the first day we learned how to speak to people, about Britain and how to describe our feelings. Then we spoke a lot about problems and their solutions, about family and conversation. On the fourth day we talked about the news and wrote our own newspaper article and acted out a news programme. Every day the fifth lesson was our project lesson and we prepared our poster about Ireland. In the last lesson we acted out our sketch for the talent show on Friday. It’s very funny. We hope our parents will like it too. We think this week was a great success, because we learned to communicate and to discuss. It wasn’t like „school“, it was funny and relaxed and it was quite a lot of fun. We used English a lot and so speaking English became easier and easier.

Beitrag 3 (Bianca Wurmauer, 6a)
On Monday our first English teacher David came into our class and introduced us to the week. He gave us our workbook, a pen and a blue folder. We talked about „Meeting People“, then our next teacher came in. Her name is Louise and she presented Britain to us. Our third teacher, Jane, is also very nice and we had a lot of fun with her. Our other topics this week were: People, Britain, Moods, Problems & Advices, Idiomatic English, Family, News and we also had many discussions. With Louise we talked about how our family position influences our life and future. With David we talked about crimes and their punishments, which was very interesting. In every 5th lesson a day we worked on our project- a magazine about our favourite cities. And in the 6th lesson we studied for our show with Jane. We think this week was really great. We had a lot of fun & our English will be better now.